Digging Up Bones

Today was an amazing day in the field!  We started clearing out the trench as soon as we arrived, and in the first round of screening I found a piece of a pipe stem!  I was so thrilled that I danced over to my supervisors to show them.  After taking a few pictures we stuck it in the artifact bag and started sifting again, and within a few minutes we found a bone fragment!  Being that my main interest is biological anthropology, this excited me even more than the pipe stem.  As we moved through the layer we found about 8 more bone fragments and a human tooth!  We’re not sure what this means, but it’s very interesting!  We also found some nails, ceramics, and bottle glass.  We worked down through the trench as far as we could, and started on our third context.  One of the other students also found a rare wig curler, which puts the site at over 111 of them!  In all, this was the best day yet.  It was extremely productive and we turned up a lot of interesting finds!  Tomorrow is the last day of our first week, and I’m so glad that I came here.  This is already the best experience of my life.  I can’t wait for the next 4 weeks!

(Pipe stem fragment)



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