A New Week

Week two has just begun, and we’ve made great progress already!  We finally swept up all of the sand and finished with the trench, which is an amazing feat!  All we have to do now is take down the remaining corners and then dig until we reach subsoil.  I’m really excited to do some non-trench digging, as everything we find now will be undisturbed and in its proper place.  We took down one level already and found a lot of iron objects, such as nails and building materials.  We also found a few bones, some glass, and some large pieces of ceramic.

A few features (building foundations) were found in some other units today, which is very exciting!  I took some pictures of them and I’ll be posting them on here soon!  I can’t wait to find out what they are.  It was a really hot day (90 degrees hot!), and I got pretty sunburned, but it was a great day regardless!

(Nails found during the excavation of our corner.)


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