Wig Curlers and Wine Glasses

We found our first wig curler!  In fact, it was the first artifact we found this morning.  It was in the top level of our remaining corner, and I was so excited when we found it!  The curlers come in varying sizes and most have a crown symbol and the initials “W.B.” engraved on the top.  No one seems to know what the initials or the crown mean, but there are plenty of theories floating around!  The curlers were used to keep curls tight and lively on wigs during Washington’s time.  Ours was fairly small (about the size of my thumb) and broken in half.  It was a great find, and I’m glad we could finally contribute to the wig curler collection!

The rest of today’s excavation turned up many more interesting artifacts.  We found a few very old wine bottle fragments, including a bottle neck and a piece that may have had a seal on it at one time.  We also found two more pipe stems, a bunch of nails, the rim of a drinking glass, and some really stunning ceramics.  I even found a large plate piece, which I had to very carefully dig around in order to get it out of the ground without breaking it.

I took a lot of pictures today, but unfortunately my camera malfunctioned and I lost them all.  I will try to take some tomorrow and hopefully have better luck, but for now I included some examples of wig curlers below.  We have almost completely finished our first unit, so we’ll definitely be starting a new one within the next few days!

(Wig curlers of varying sizes. Photo retrieved from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/07/photogalleries/georgewashington-photos/photo3.html)

 (Top of wig curlers. Photo retrieved from http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2008/072008/07042008/392591/index_html/slide_show2?qstart=2)


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