A Rather Uneventful Day

We took down the remaining bit of our corners today and almost completely leveled the unit!  Unfortunately, there was not much to be found in the soil we dug up.  There were one or two nails, one nice piece of ceramic, and quite a few prehistoric flakes, but nothing too exciting.  Flakes are bits of rock that were chipped off of a stone when someone was shaping it into a tool.  The increasing quantity of them makes me think that we are getting close to the subsoil, especially since we found almost no historic artifacts today.  We did reach some fairly large pebbles grouped together in an interesting pattern on our way down though.  I’m not sure if it means anything, but we’ll find out for sure when we finish digging.

On Monday we will be removing the tarp, leveling the ground, and wrapping up the last bit of paperwork for this unit.  After that we’ll be starting a brand new one, which I have been assured will be more normal and less complicated than this one was!  I am amazed at how quickly all of this got done, and how much I’ve learned in the process.

We had a ceramics class after lunch today, which was really good.  It was a lot of information, but I’m going to study it over the weekend so that I am able to more efficiently spot and identify the ceramics we find in our next unit!

We won’t be digging tomorrow, which is why we are not finishing our unit this week.  Instead we are taking a tour of Kenmore, Betty Washington’s home.  I’ll post some more about that tomorrow, along with some more pictures!

(Our only ceramic from today! It has a lovely leaf pattern in the corner.)


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