Moving On Up

We finally removed the tarp today!  It had to be burned out with a blow torch to keep the sides from unraveling, a task that Victoria very eagerly accepted.  Once that was done, we started our new paperwork and were instructed to scrape off the bottom to make sure nothing was left in the unit.  Before we started, however, our supervisors asked me and one of my digging partners, Jason, to start on a new unit and let Allison and Victoria finish the old one.  They thought having four people in one unit was too crowded, and figured splitting us up now would be more efficient.  I must admit, I was disappointed at first because I would not get to finish the first unit, but as Jason and I moved on to our new one I realized they were right.

Our new unit is between several excavated ones, so it is a plateau instead of a hole, which is a very different experience.  A corner of it includes the Schuster trench, but the majority of it is completely normal, so that will be fun to excavate!  We have to approach it from the sides and scrape it off layer by layer, which is easier than digging down, but we have to be especially careful with the walls, as they are fragile and have already begun collapsing at two points.  We completely removed the topsoil today, and we’re already finding some neat things.  The best find of the day was a whole 18th century button made of bone, which are rarely found in such perfect condition!

The first unit is still not complete, so on Thursday Jason and I will return to help complete the paperwork.  I am very happy with our new unit though, and I think this one will be a lot more straightforward and easier to get through.  I am also confident that we are going to find some great things in this one!

(An 18th century button made of bone.)


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