A Marvelous Monday

Today was a great day in the field!  My good friend Mariana arrived last night and will be digging with us this week as a volunteer at Ferry Farm.  She was added to my group and together she, Jason and I successfully completed the Schuster Trench half of our unit!  We had it done shortly after lunch, so the last few hours of the day were spent working on the undisturbed half.  I’m extremely eager to work on that portion of the unit, since I have had almost no experience with undisturbed stratigraphy yet.  The part we are currently working on is the 20th century layer, so most of our finds today were fairly modern, but we did find a couple of pieces of ceramic and pipe stems.  The next layer will be the plowzone, which I believe will hold some great finds!  One of our supervisors, Nunzio, predicted that we will find two wig curlers in this unit, and I’m really hoping he’s right!  Tomorrow we will probably get down to the next layer, and by the end of the week I’m sure we will be completely finished with this unit.  I can’t believe how much faster this one is going, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the week!

(Mariana Zechini helping to clean up the tarp as we closed the Schuster Trench half of our unit!)


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