Two Units Down

We started working on our sub-plowzone this morning, which did not yield very many artifacts other than a few pieces of ceramics, some nails, and some prehistoric debitage.   We also uncovered some large roots, which had to be trimmed and the dirt around them cleaned up before we could finish the context.  As I was scraping up all of the loose dirt I noticed something smooth and cream colored against one of the roots, so I carefully cleared the ground around it and discovered that it was a wig curler!  I was so happy, and so were my digging partners.  It was the perfect find to wrap up an amazing unit!

After closing that context we removed the tarp that lined that Schuster trench and scraped up all of the packed in soil underneath it.  Once it was all level and even, we took a photograph and finished the paperwork for the unit.  All we have left to do now is take down the baulk, which is a small triangle of soil at the corner of the unit that remains unexcavated until the end so it can be used to take elevations on a unit that has no solid walls around it.  We will be removing that on Monday and then moving on to our third unit!  I’m not sure if we will be able to finish that one before the end of our time here, but we will certainly do our best!  I can’t believe there is only one week left of field school.  It has gone by so fast, but I’ve learned so much!  This past week was definitely the best so far, so I’m hoping that next week will be even better!

(A wig curler with “W.B” engraved in the center, a crown above, and a dot below.  This is the most common type found at Ferry Farm.)


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