The Hottest of Days

We took down the rest of our baulk this morning and finally got our third unit!  The new one shared a corner with our last one, and is the only one still standing in the southern half of the excavation region.  The topsoil layer had been removed yesterday by another team, so when Jason and I got to it this morning all we had to do was wrap up the paperwork for that context and then start on the 20th century disturbance layer.  We managed to make it all the way down to the plowzone today, and found quite a few artifacts along the way!  There were a surprising number of pipe stems, nails and ceramics, including three pieces of porcelain!  I was impressed with how much we got done in the morning, but as the day progressed we slowed down quite a bit.

Today was intensely hot and humid, and a lot of people were struggling with their work.  Our supervisors made sure that we drank plenty of water and took frequent breaks in the shade, but over the course of the day I could feel my muscles getting more and more tired.  This was my first time working in heat like this, so it was difficult to adjust, but I think I’ll be more prepared from now on because I now know what to expect on days like this.

Tomorrow is our last full day of field school, which is very sad!  We will be working half of Friday, and then it is over for the season.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by, and how much I have come to love it in this short time!  I’m going to make the best of these last two days, and also turn in an application to come back as a volunteer!  I am hoping I will be able to finish my third unit in these last days as well, which is an ambitious, but not impossible goal!  Hopefully the weather is less harsh tomorrow, but I’ll be bringing plenty of water and sunscreen just in case!

(Our third unit, and the last one of this field school!)


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