A Chilly Monday


Burned seen from our first unit

Today was a great day in the field!  We were joined by two new interns – Courtney and Courtney, one of whom is also a VCL team member and a recent VCU graduate (congratulations, Courtney!).  Dr. Means arrived with some doughnuts and coffee early in the morning as a surprise for her, which was quite warmly welcomed by everyone in the field, as today was rather chilly!  Allen and I continued to work on the same unit from Friday, using our shovels and trowels to take it all the way down to the subsoil on both sides of the trench.  We did not find much on the southwestern side, but the northeast corner yielded some neat artifacts, including some 19th Century ceramics, pipe stems, nails, shell, and brick.  The most exciting and unique find, however, was a small burned seed that Allen found while we were screening!

Allen taking elevation from our second unit

Allen taking elevations from our second unit

After we finished digging and wrapped up the paperwork for the first unit, we quickly moved on to our second one.  This unit is directly next to the first one and has no obvious disturbances running through it, which is a welcomed change!  There is also a pipe and some kind of associated feature just above the northwest corner.  My friend Victoria and I initially opened up the unit with the pipe in it last summer, which you can read about here!  We started digging with our shovels, but as we scraped up the soil we noticed a large concentration of shell coming up in the middle of the unit.  We decided to stop and use our trowels so that we would not miss anything as we carefully worked around it.  The time came to pack up before we got very far along, but we will be back to continue working tomorrow morning!



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