Memorial Day at Ferry Farm


Our scanner in the Small Finds Lab at Ferry Farm

We observed Memorial Day a little early at Ferry Farm with a World War II themed event on Saturday, May 25th.  I started the day off by saying hello to Dr. Means, who had the scanner set up in our Small Finds Laboratory.  He was scanning artifacts from Ferry Farm’s collections that included projectile points and a plastic WWII toy soldier that were recovered from the site (see his blog post here).  He also took the time to scan a very familiar skull – it was the groundhog that my team found during field school last June (see an unexpected burial)!


Allen Huber works with some WWII reenactors

After having a brief discussion in the lab, we all headed out to the field.  On our way out we were met with several reenactors dressed in World War II uniforms with jeeps, tents, a motorcycle, and a bike that all dated to that era.  As we began digging, some of the reenactors came over to talk to us about what we were doing.  It was a very different environment than we are all used to, but I loved every minute of it!

Post holes and post molds at the site

Post holes and post molds at the site

I was teamed up with Katie again and we began the day working on a new unit.  This one was adjacent to the one that she and Courtney worked on last week, which did not hold any features and was completed on Friday.  Everyone is being especially sensitive to features right now due to how many have turned up in our excavation thus far.  We are looking for post holes and molds in particular, as the one that Allen and I excavated last week appears to be about 10 feet away from a few more that match it.  The unit we took down on Saturday did not have any features in it, but it did yield some very neat artifacts!  These included ceramics, nails, glass, brick, shell, and several teeth.  We did not quite finish taking the unit down to the level that we were supposed to, as we had to put the excavation on hold several times to talk with the public, but we will finish up on Tuesday morning!

Artifacts from our unit on Saturday

Artifacts from our unit on Saturday


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